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What is Memberbutton for member hosts?

Influencers, bloggers and publishers generally find it difficult to collaborate with hotels and vacation rental owners,  sadly its equally hard for hotels to find ways to collaborate with influencers, bloggers and publishers. Memberbutton is the solution that helps connecting pre- selected hosts with registered and approved social influencers, bloggers and publishers. 

Memberbutton is integrated with SocialHub's AMPLIFY AND INFLUENCER AGENCY 

All the power of "community and influencer reach" now amplified with help of those around us.

Join Memberbuttons Amplify program. No fixed fees or monthly subscriptions, instead we work on a long-term strategy with long-term payouts. 100% risk-free! 

What will hosts get when joining Memberbutton's Amplify Program?

This is what you will get:

  • - Free instant booking page (0% commission on direct bookings)
  • - Free listing on (for your guests)
  • - Free listing on (influencer booking engine)
  • - Control bookings with a free channel manager/extranet (and connect with main OTA's and AirBNB.

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Both hosts and influencers are able to access their own campaign analytics dashboard with real-time reporting, tracking their performance and earnings. SocialHub's tracking solution is built for marketers to understand exactly how each influencer campaign is impacting their goals, see real-time reporting on conversions, clicks, and track influencer commissions. 

Payouts are all handled and set up by SocialHub without any fixed monthly or yearly fees!

Both member hosts and influencers are welcome to register for Chat Channel this is where we manage agreements set up campaigns and keep collaterals and information for all partners and active influencers.
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The basics of Memberbutton.


Most of the time, relying only on word-of-mouth marketing can leave your hotel or vacation rental business vulnerable to slow growth.

However, with the right type of influencer marketing program in motion, talk of your business and can go viral! This is because influencer marketing programs for hotels and vacation rentals rewards everyone involved. From the person booking the room getting a special discount to you as the hotel or property owner; seeing your marketing campaigns take off, you can see the success taking place, which only leads to process improvements and better initiatives for the future...all while disrupting OTA's!

Your ultimate goal is to increase revenue for hotels and properties you manage, but first you need to know what Memberbutton is and how to get started.


How Memberbutton works.


Essentially, Memberbutton's influencer marketing program for hotels and vacation rentals is any kind of system set up to pay influencers commission for generating real bookings from spreading the word your business to someone else. 

There are many incentives that will get influencers interested in the first place, like room discounts on rooms, room upgrades, preferred treatment or even a free night’s stay. Overall, you want hotel influencers to support you and sing its praises to as many people as possible. Then when someone books a room, they in turn can join Memberbutton's influencer program as a customer, so you can reward the new customer, too, for referring their friends.

Generally this type of solution is too expensive, too sophisticated and difficult for hotels and vacation rental owners to set-up, but with the help from Memberbutton by SocialHub, you can transform the indluencers and your customer base into hard working online travel agents, and watch your revenue increase...without any upfront investments and change management.


Increase revenue with Memberbutton.


As long as you have worthwhile incentives to offer your potential guests and you make the rate better than what you offer via other third party online travel agents, your guests should be eager to book and the influencers will be eager to promote your offers to their followers while earning commission for themselves from each booking they have generated for you...and you will find yourself new guests that will come back for more.

Of course, you don’t want to lose crazy amounts of money on deals for your guests, so choose something that provides real value without sacrificing too much of your hotel or vacation rental needs. You could start with deal ideas like...

  • - A free complimentary breakfast
  • - 15% room discounts on influencer generated bookings
  • - Points towards a free nights stay or free drinks
  • - Discounts on a meal at  nearby restaurant you partner with
  • - For hotels, you can offer free upgrades or VIP access
  • - For vacation rentals, you can offer extra amenities on arrival

You be as creative as you want, but as so as long as you make your offers attractive enough for guests not to book via other online travel agents your influencer generated bookings will soar, and influencers will continue promoting your hotel or vacation rental; remember the influencer do not want to work for free ;-)




We’ll help you bring the art of hosting to life

Manage your bookings, Enquiry and Reviews

Become A Superhost

As a superhost you can offer properties on behalf of owners and earn commissions.


Host your experience, if you have a tour or boat trip you want to host...just let us know.

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Get your property seen with help from influencers.

How do I start?

1. Create your account
Sign up at ;  we will help you get set up;  and create your guest offers on
2. Create your Memberbutton listing
Its super easy, offer a free or discounted rate for influencers. Let the influencers request to stay with you and you can chat with them and approve / decline a request.
3. Get Paid
Once he influencer, stays at your hotel or vacation rental, they will promote their stay and your offer via a unique tracking link, and you will get paid for every booking that is generated - a commission. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Can i share my hotel, home, bnb or vacation rental on Memberbutton?

    Yes, you are free to list your place no matter what is it, as long as you have registered as a member host via and added offers on our free booking engine, with  an already integrated Amplify solution, so everyone can get transparent reporting and most of all get paid!

  • Who can be on Memberbutton?

    Only registered member hosts and member influencers can join Memberbutton and get an approved badge. The concept is simple, influencers need to be able to promote your place before, during or after their stay and for that they earn a commission on generated bookings. 

  • Does Memberbutton screen influencers / hosts?

    All users are called members, and all members need to be registered, this way we avoid any concerns with rate parity with any online travel agents, and all hosts can easily manage free offers and view profiles of the member influencers, essentually Memberbutton is open for anyone who wants to promote a place in exchange for a free or heavily discounted's up to each property owner to approve or deny a  booking request...but remember to get the SocialHub badge verification you must be registered with SocialHub and join our social network

  • How should i price my listing on Memberbutton?

    It's entirely up to you, but please remember that if you want someone to promote your property, you need to make sure it's worthwhile for the member influencer, often a free stay will do the trick, but if you offer a rate to see the commitment from the member influencer, please make sure its a good one! 

  • How do Memberbutton payments work?

    For free bookings, you will simply, coordinate a booking request via messaging and booking request from the influencer. For any booking that has a rate, we will collect the payment from the booking and add a 10% fee paid by the influencer. Member hosts, can request payout in our system and will receive payment within minimum 7days or maximum 14 days - we generate requested payouts every 14 days.

  • Does Memberbutton provide any insurance for hosts?

    Sadly, not yet. We are however in process to look at this option for the future. 



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